Sudan and the Anti-Self Betterment Brigade

Sudan is not a beautiful country, despite what some dreamers will say. It isn’t a well-run country either (talk about understatements!). However, Sudan is a resource-rich country with a large landmass (even after the loss of South Sudan) which makes it challenging to govern. I have often said that the biggest obstacle facing Sudan is […]

Free zone visas and accounting creativity

Recently, Dubai free zone companies have been coming under increasing scrutiny by the authorities. Some suggest that this is coming from the federal government as free zones are “essentially a circumvention of the law”. Others suggest that this is coming from Dubai government, as it sees more business going to free zones in other Northern […]

Dubai’s DED Warns Free Zone Companies to Stay Away

Dubai’s Department of Economic Development (DED) issued a warning to free zone companies that they must restrict their business dealings to within the free zone. Mr. Mohamed Al Saadi, CEO of business registration and licensing stated, “Under no circumstances can a free zone company in Dubai operate outside its jurisdiction unless it has a branch […]

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The Fashionable Entrepreneur

I remember my disappointment at how little interest many of the Computer Science students had in computers. It actually demotivated me greatly. Here I am, completely passionate about developing software (and hardware), surrounded by a majority of students who just figured it was a “safer career”. We were right in the middle of the Dotcom […]

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Why Don’t I Criticize Hamas?

I know, I know.. I don’t live in a place where a lot of people are spending time asking me that question. I just thought I would take a jab at Sam Harris’ blog post, which started by saying that asking why he doesn’t criticize Israel is a boring question. Then he spent 15 minutes […]

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When Clergymen Rule on Science

Mars One Project

Religious people like to talk about how certain events are a sign of the End of The World. The nearing of Judgement Day. Those are the slightly better dressed and groomed doomsayers that you normally find on street corners holding up cardboard boxes shouting about how the world is about to end. Well, to me, […]

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I’m atheist, and I hate terrorism

Yes, you guessed right, the headline is an attempt at irony. Earlier today, I endured reading Dean Obaidallah’s ramblings on CNN where he wrote: I’m Muslim, and I hate terrorism. Because, apparently, a Muslim must declare that they are anti-terrorism these days. A rather poorly written headline that is perhaps more SEO-optimized than anything else. […]

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Combating the Culture of Defeatism in Sudan

In Sudan, there is a prevailing culture of defeatism that is drowning any glimpse of hope. A very dark sentence to start a post with, isn’t it? Defeatism isn’t something that comes about by chance. It is a result of repeated losses where society as a whole just throws in the towel. It isn’t one […]

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Why I’m indifferent about #SudanRevolts

Many people don’t like what I have to say about the protests being branded as #SudanRevolts. This is mostly cause they are not always related and are loosely grouped under one umbrella to give the feeling of mass. They also have little impact. But that’s not why I have gone from supporter to complete indifference. […]

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Emcredit and the banking purgatory

Emcredit, the UAE’s credit rating agency, which was established in 2006 can make or break your loan application. I know what you’re thinking. “No, what will make or break it is if you’ve been paying your bills, silly!” Sometimes. A credit rating agency for consumers and businesses is a “Good Thing(tm)”. An incompetent one, like […]

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Want to be an entrepreneur? Forget personal banking!

It’s no secret, I’m not a big fan of banks. The same way I’m not a fan of the hot girls who wouldn’t give me the time of day when I was in high school. You know the type, acting like she cares and only judges guys by their personality, but would only date the […]

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5 Types of #SudanRevolts Personalities

There are 5 ┬ápersonality types surrounding #SudanRevolts. Please note that this does not include protesters who are not connected to […]

Sudan’s Economy – The facts minus the rhetoric

Let’s talk economy. This is a subject that, given the current economic crisis Sudan is undergoing, I would have imagined […]

People like me

Since the protests in Sudan that are dubbed #SudanRevolts have started 3 weeks ago, I’ve come under attack from activists […]

Do Sudanese activists understand media?

Sudanese women at a sit-in

I’ve watched, along with everyone else who cares, as news of protests, sit-ins, arrests, torture and then some more unfolded […]

Getting stoned in Sudan

A 15 year old Intisar has been reportedly convicted with adultery, which resulted in a child born out of wedlock. […]

The reasonably unreasonable client

We have clients that come in different shapes and sizes, from government entities to multinationals to consultancies to PR agencies.. […]